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VIA NEGATIVA: architecture is not just the art of building

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

An architecture devoid of ideas is seldom good architecture. Architecture should no longer be the slave of functional or financial requirements but the manifestation of precise ideas.

In the second decade of the new millennium, architecture has been slowly moving towards an environment in which the creation and transmission of ideas is becoming the critical component for the transformation of society.

In this context, architecture is no longer just the art of building because the art of building is almost irrelevant; considering this verdict, the imaginary representation of objectual ideas in space is slowly turning into the most fundamental proposition for the intellectual advancement of the profession.

I am a better architect because I don’t build; I am a better architect because I can visualize the future of cities and architecture before it occurs. Intrinsically, such an endeavor does not only demand a rigorous intellectual approach but also a precise program for the transformation of the physical and digital worlds around us.

Architects, rather than being just a bunch of skilled craftsmen, should become the authors of meaningful objects of perception. In the post-digital era, it is the idea, and not the object itself, what should be at the heart of our current experience.

Caporali Huts

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