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Reviewing the work of Lucien Steil

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Jaime Correa's article was published by Detalles y Proyectos de Arquitectura in Spain

The Spanish magazine DPArquitectura, directed and edited by Javier Cenicacelaya, in San Sebastian, published a Spanish/English article by Jaime Correa. The article reviews the recent artistic work of Lucien Steil - a prolific author and a professor at the School of Architecture of the University of Notre Dame, in South Bent, Indiana.

As part of Lucien Steil's crusade against the intellectual and philosophical poverty currently affecting architecture and urban design, Jaime Correa writes, “Lucien is one of the most important representatives of the new wave of paper architects and urbanists who have voluntarily chosen to live a life against consumerist neo-capitalist traditional building practice in order to avoid the ethical and moral impurities of the real professional world."

Lucien Steil’s capricci exist in a parallel universe of fictions, memories, inventions, and fantasies; his drawings are a brutal reminder of the contemporary practical and aestheticized world currently operating at its poorest level of performance; his images send a clear message: architects and urbanists cannot blame others but themselves for not being poet enough to call for the world’s riches.

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