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HOTEL 0519

Design Team: Jaime Correa

courtyard boutique hotel in Cancun, Mexico. It exploits the five human senses and delivers a unique place to calm the mind and lift the spirit. As it is customary in forbidden gardens, this eleven-room square structure is isolated from its surroundings by a 3-meter-high wall. Occupying the full extents of a traditional block, the hotel parking is placed on a plazoleta facing the main entrance. A bridge over a moat provides an entrance to the hotel lobby. The moat (a pool) has direct access from the terraces of seven of the front rooms; three floating benches, with palm trees at their center, provide for a small refuge within the space of the pool. A citrus tree grove claims the other half of the square. Restaurant and bar facilities occupy the center of the courtyard and a semi-covered pergola pavilion serves as a civic monument, for special events, in the rear of the grove.The courtyard, with ample corridors encroached by the complex geometry of the rooms, offer a perimeter filled with unique alcoves for entertainment. A system of skylights creates a unique experience within each room.

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