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Design Team: Jaime Correa

A hybrid civic building containing a covered market square, small town center retail facilities, 32 live/work units, 8 apartments, 5 movie theaters, and a 360-seat performance auditorium. Located at the water edge of an experimental sea-level-rise community in Miami-Dade County (See: 15-12 New Atlantis). The building, a great square covered hall, is surrounded by a layer of retail units on the ground floor and live-worked units on its four upper floors; the slanted space on the market roof is used to house a performance auditorium and 5 movie theaters; a tower with 8 small apartments, overlooking the Florida Inter-coastal waterfront, raises above the skyline of Miami.


The market hall contains a deep tilapia fishpond farm on the tradition of Hindu stepwells. The walls of the giant public space are filled with square windows to provide continuous natural surveillance. Given the colossal proportions of the market hall and its luminescent tower the whole project is meant to become a local regional landmark to "food security". The building section shows the hybrid nature of the building and highlights the spatial diversity of the structure. The section shows the three-dimensionality of the market square fishpond and features the colossal lantern that provides sunlight into the performance auditorium.

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