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Design Team: Jaime Correa

Climate change and sea-level-rise are generating conditions of imminent development potential. The Container House project assumes that the population affected by housing displacement can be accommodated and redistributed within the residual spaces of the American rear yard. The project begins with an archetypal American block and ends with its transformation through the redensification of the space in the back of the lot areas. The depth of a regular lot of 50’ X 100’ is reduced to  50’ X 60’ with two out-parcels of 25’ X 32’ and a rear passageway of 8’. As a result, the net block density increases three times from 8 du/ac to 24 du/ac. The two-story building is composed of a raised shipping container on a concrete block base; the remaining area of each lot is filled with a green patch for vegetable production, a terrace with a colossal outdoor fireplace/bar-b-cue, and two benches. The first floor contains a small kitchenette and a living/dining space and the upper floor a master bedroom/bathroom combo. Stairs are attached to the side of the building with a smooth metallic volume depicting the clarity of its function. A minimization of openings is achieved by the large openings on the front and back facades and a skylight on the roof of the master bedroom.

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