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Team: Jaime Correa with Ludwig Fontalvo

How will large numbers of people living together respond to the environmental threats posed by climate change? Will new habitat aspirations and modes of production emerge as a result of critical vulnerabilities in personal property, safety, and general welfare? Should our designer’s imagination be used to raise a new political awareness where inventiveness operates to undermine the complacent convictions of the reasonable and the respectable? Under the current conditions of uncertainty, should we use utopian ideas to generate an allegorical call for innovative design and greater preparedness? Or, should do more of the same while expecting different results?


The Jindee project in Australia, induces the spectator to answer these questions while recomposing, laboriously,  a series of utopian fragments for a new urban puzzle. These monotone capricci exalt the capacity of our imagination to create new models of living through an unprecedented typo-morphological catalogue in which the sum is greater than the parts.

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