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Design Team: Jaime Correa

Two colossal polycarbonate houses glow in a City of Coral Gables site. The most elemental archetype of the American house is represented on a plot of land surrounded by a perimeter wall. A common central yard and a rear pool with independent bar-b-cue sculptural ovens complete this naïve composition. These live/work units are accessed through a very small door which gives access to a giant office in the front; the work/space is connected to a double-space library on the right and to the rest of the house on the left. The false topography of the house distributes the utilitarian spaces as a cascade of lower and lower functions starting with the living room and ending with a family room facing the pool patio. Four equally-sized bedrooms form an interior “Strada Nova” facade. As each function of the house occupies its own plate level, the interior facades of the four bedrooms and library are intensified with the perceptual phenomenology of various color schemes. The kitchen area is covered with green metallic plates hiding the typical appliances within its walls. The house plan is configured as a half-and-half archetype. a sectional view of the interior cascading of public spaces and interior facades. This colossal polycarbonate house is nothing but a naïve representation of the most elemental archetype of the American house.

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