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Design Team: Jaime Correa

Nature has no boundaries; all boundaries are imaginary. Boundaries are fictional conventions of the mind establishing a sense of political territoriality where there is none. A boundary is also an expression of power. It is a concept which to be realized must be expressed physically in the form of a wall, a fence, or a simple line drawn on the ground.


This chapel is located at a generic site along the boundary between Mexico and the United States and its purpose is to become the spiritual center of this imaginary place. It is not an immigration processing center but a point of encounter between two diverging political conditions. The program is resolved in the tradition of the “two-story cathedral” where, as in the case of the Cathedral of Assisi, the church on Mexican territory occupies the upper floor and the other occupies the lower floor.


The views show a curatorial display of the complete set of drawings at a fictional museum of culture, spirituality, and justice.

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