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Design Team: Jaime Correa

A social housing project arranged in a traditional “English Close” configuration. The project includes 22 single-family houses with garages and granny-apartments to subsidize the owner's mortgage payments. The first floor plan may be easily adapted for partial retail uses. The building placement generates a square perimeter where a tree-lined central lawn space emerges as the core of the project.


The lack of ornamentation is supplemented with an abundance of color and iconography. Red facades are drawn against the public square; perpendicular ocher planes surround the private gardens; a volume with a circular eyebrow is colored in rose/peach natural tones; pools and grassy areas add color values to the general composition. Chimneys of air and light, providing natural ventilation, crown the red square façades. A white bench surrounds the perimeter of the central space. Private second-floor loggias add to the repertoire of public/civic elements. Garden walls delimit the privacy of the lot surfaces and the space of the tree-lined central space. The houses have lateral yard retention pools for purposes of sea-level-rise resiliency.

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