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Design Team: Jaime Correa

A new Conceptual Art series exploring auto-biographical questions of identity, ethnicity, gender, race, discrimination, language, intellectual freedom, politics, policies, oppression, power, underrepresentation, culture, happiness, success, perceptual experience, meaning, colonialism, and more.


This new road sign, along Florida State Road 112 and at the very entrance of the Miami Design District, covers the longest facade of The Instituto Marangoni in the City of Miami. The building was retrofitted and redesigned by Miami architect Allan Shulman. This piece of Conceptual Art is inspired by the lyrics of Cuban songwriter Osvaldo Farres – lyrics which were made famous by Bobby Capo in 1947. The sensual lyrics combined with the iconography of the American flag and two powerful background pictures generate an immediate awareness of the group of young Latino immigrants waiting, under no fault of their own, for the legalization of their permanent status via the formal validation of the DACA program.

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