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Team: Jaime Correa and the JCA team

Our acknowledgements to:

Juan Pablo Rosales at Rosales|Tinoco in Guatemala and Seth Harry in Maryland

Relinquishing its role as a combatant place of creativity, the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) entered a dull epoch where its design methodology became formulaic, dogmatic, oversimplified, and imperialistic. At the risk of being excommunicated, Jaime Correa was no longer allowed to incur into the healthy intellectual agitation that brought the CNU to life in the first place. The new CNU members were supposed to bow with devotion to the socio-political concerns of its luminaries; they just keep quiet even in light of severe philosophical and professional contradictions.


Fortunately, Jaime Correa grew up in a Colombian abode where free-thinking was advocated as a strong moral value. Like Borges, he prefers to stay home and sleep surrounded by books than to surrender his mind to any type of dogmatism; at least, books give him the freedom to think, choose, and devise the numerous ways in which the urban design profession still needs to evolve; more importantly, at home or in his "paper architecture practice", he does not have to fear any type of professional retaliation, financial conundrum, or deliberate ostracism for speaking his mind.

The projects in this page represent Jaime's last attempts to embark in the production of urban design for the consumption of the Latin American public - Guatemala, San Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico. Since then, like Heraclitus impermanent river, nothing has been the same. As everything in life, these are just memories and step stones for what Jaime Correa has become today.

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