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Design Team: Jaime Correa

A sea-level-rise proposal for a triangular platform containing a hybrid mix of land uses, including: apartments, houses, townhouses, retail, offices, theaters, gyms, gathering places, etc. This 3.4-acre development in North Miami, Florida, is raised on a triangular platform pointing to South America. A variety of courtyard buildings embeds the place with character, identity, and a sense of community. The project attains densities of up to 36 dwelling units to the acre with a total of 100,000 Square Feet of Retail/Office space. The open space to building ratio is like that of the best medieval cities in Europe.

In spite the relentless presence of the courtyard type, every building has a unique plan, section, scale, and skin characteristics. In the world of Umberto Eco’s “unending rainfall of images”, the project detail shows the specific façades and roof configurations of the various courtyard buildings here proposed. The axonometric detail shows the potential for townhouses and retail on the ground floor and the generosity of open public and private spaces generated between the strictly legible buildings on top of the platform.

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