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Team: Jaime Correa

The entries to these competition are not merely perspectival illusions but rational inquiries into the grammar and semiotics of visual representation. Although illusion is the most desirable gift of any act of representation, for the purpose of investigating the function of allegory and symbolism and their relationship to what E. H. Gombrich denominated as “the invisible world of ideas", these images purposely bend the rules of linear perspective. From the point of view of method, what matters is the usage of diametric, axonometric, and isometric military perspectives where every line possesses measurable dimensions and where every drawing is embedded within the terms of its particular iconographic value. A combination of ars mechanica (accuracy), geometria pratica (proportion and form), and eikonographia (meaning) reacts against the illusions of the real in linear perspective. Our office offers an alternative drawing technique which focuses on the representation of metaphysical qualities without use or form.


In a typical Oulipian restrictive environment, the "Dear Architecture Letter" was written without the letter "O" – a philosophical note on how one of the most spatial letters in our alphabet is completely absent in the English word ARCHITECTURE. The other letter emphasizes the importance of the sectional drawing. It represents the presence of micro-individual actions in the production of macro-behaviors. Time has come to move away from conventional drawings; we must enter back into the realm of Platonic solids and rhetoric re-presentations.


Published by BlankSpace as an Honorable Mention

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