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Design Team: Jaime Correa

The current historic moment and the collective imaginary are slowly being depleted by the normalization of "non-values" in the hands of reality show protagonists. This Red Carpet building provides a venue for the production of the unusual performance events promoted by a new culture of socio-political consumption. The building program includes: a performance school at the base of the building, a runway Stoa - which can double as a holiday temporary market, and an adaptable Black Box Theater at the culmination of the long path. The colossal lantern becomes an icon of luminescence. The building plan is organized as a choreographed sequence of spaces for award ceremonies. A 165 ft. red carpet ramp evolves into a tile surface wrapper over the building structure; a 220 ft. Stoa – which doubles as a holiday temporary market, follows the sequence of events and serves as an informal lobby space for photo shoots and personal promotion; the path culminates at a Black Box Theater cube 110 ft. square. The theater space is pierced by a super-sized box and an iconic lantern. The side entrance provides access to the rear stairs where an exterior stage venue, for press conferences and/or informal presentations, is located.

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