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Team: Jaime Correa

This is not a political endorsement but an ontological project of resistance – if there could be a "Real Project" for a wall, these two alternatives would be a counter-proposal. These projects focus on the capacity of architecture to understand and construct alternative scenarios and narratives; they emphasize architecture’s formal capacity to reveal political ideas while advancing new tactics and visions. Our office is not interested in the development of architecture as "a Profession" nor are we concerned with the art of building for the sake of profit or speculation. We are more troubled by the construction of concepts and the undertaking of philosophical positions than by the making of things. “The Wall” is an autonomous frame inhabited by its multiple users; a real monument representing the false lunatic propaganda of fear, alienation, and disenchantment; most importantly, it is a message that challenges the everyday tactile experience of architecture as an object of symbolic content.

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